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6 Ways To Wreck Your Retirement

6 Ways To Wreck Your Retirement

Despite the multitude of resources (websites, books, magazines, advisers, etc) available for expat retirees, there will always be those who fail to make their retirement savings last for the rest of their lives. There are many ways to avoid this, some of which are more proactive while others are reactive in nature. But none of […]

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UK State Pension 2012 - Expat

UK State Pension For Expats – Making Up Missed Years

If you haven’t been making National Insurance Contributions for some time and still do not have the requisite number of qualifying years (30), then you can make up missed years going back for the last 6 years. If you obtain a State Pension Forecast (see here), this will tell you how much you need to […]

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Countries in which the UK state pension is increased annually

Countries in Which the UK State Pension is Increased Annually

If you retire in Britain, your state pension will increase in line with inflation. It may be the government’s massaged version of inflation as opposed to reality, but at least your pension will increase. If you are receiving a UK state pension while living overseas however, you may find that once you start drawing it, […]

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