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US and China concerns undermine investor sentiment

US and China Concerns Undermine Investor Sentiment

June finished on a subdued note for many investors. Although most leading equity indices still ended the first half of the year in positive territory, share prices experienced widespread falls over the month, with investor sentiment undermined by concerns from both west and east. The US Federal Reserve sent shockwaves through equity markets with suggestions […]

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Strange Days

New Balls Please

It may not be quite as strange as seeing a Brit standing victorious on the final day of Wimbledon but it still feels odd to learn the UK economy may not be faring as badly as had been feared. Barclay’s Capital has just raised its estimates for the country’s 2013 GDP growth and there are […]

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Weekly Market Review – Rocking Le Bateau

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 4th of May 2012 The euro is already falling as the newly elected French President Francois Hollande enters the Elysée Palace. France’s election of a socialist candidate, who has stood on an anti-austerity, tax-and-spend platform, is widely seen as putting the increasingly fragile eurozone in real danger. The French […]

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Weekly Market Review – Preparing to Land?

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 13th of April 2012 Weaker-than-expected Chinese growth figures would normally prompt much hand-wringing on the part of economists – after all, it is China that is supposed to be keeping the world economy afloat while developed markets recover. Yet the recent poorer growth figures were greeted with a shrug. […]

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Weekly Market Review – The Numbers of the Beast

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 6th of April 2012 Is the Eurozone crisis rearing its ugly and unwelcome head once again? In reality, it was never likely the beast would lie dormant for long, but it does seem as though investors had rather forgotten about its ability to spook the markets. This time the […]

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2 Reasons Why Investors Should Still Be Allocating to Emerging Markets

I have had a number of discussions with clients recently regarding whether they should scale back their emerging market exposure. After all, emerging market stocks are up significantly since their lows of last autumn and have modestly outperformed more developed markets so far this year. Despite recent strong performance, I believe there are two major […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Exchange Traded Funds

Here are 6 great reasons why expats should consider investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): Cost – This is the advantage that gets most of the air time. ETFs are, in general, much cheaper than regular mutual funds. The main reason for this is that ETFs are passively managed (i.e. they simply track an index like […]

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