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Have you lost a pension?

Have You Lost a Pension?

If you have worked in the UK and were a member of a pension scheme (personal or employer) that you have since lost track of, the government’s pension tracking service might be able to help you find it. Just follow this link. Please feel free to forward this post to any friends or colleagues who […]

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Warning: if the taxman gets your bill wrong it's officially your fault

Warning: if the taxman gets your bill wrong it’s officially your fault

Workers and pensioners are being warned to double-check their tax codes or face being landed with shock bills that they cannot appeal. More than 20 million codes, which tell you how much of your income will be tax-free, are sent to 16 million people at this time of year. But already The Daily Mail has […]

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What is a UCIS?

UCIS stands for Unregualted Colletive Investment Scheme. They are funds that are not recognized or authorized by the UK Financial Services Authority. They are not subject to investment and borrowing restrictions aimed at ensuring a prudent spread of risk and as a result they can be less liquid than typical funds. Most UCIS do not offer […]

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Financial Planning Action Point #4 – Have a “What if” plan.

It is safe to assume that all major corporations (including your own) have a plan in place (or are at least working on a plan) just in case the Euro breaks up. While they may protest to the contrary, we can also assume that most governments also have a plan for such a scenario. This […]

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Expat Action Point #3 – Update Your Contact Details

I recently came across a client with a UK life insurance policy. However, he hadn’t updated the insurer with his current contact details. In the mean time they wrote to him, using the address that they had on file which was no longer valid, to inform him that his premium was no longer sufficent to […]

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Help!! I’ve Got 3 Work Pension Schemes, 2 Personal Pensions And I Can’t Keep Track of Them All – A Case Study

Like many workers who change jobs as they climb the corporate ladder, Paul, 42 years old, has lost track of a range of personal and work pension schemes. In the past 15 years, he has worked for 5 different companies in 3 different countries. He has also moved house seven times. He lives with his […]

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Financial Advice for British Expats in Dubai

If you are a UK expat living in Dubai (or any of the other United Arab Emirates) and are looking for professional financial advice, we can help. We specialize in helping British expats with their financial planning and investment requirements during the time that they are living and working overseas – as well as continuing […]

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Expat Action Point #1 – Nominate Beneficiaries

This week’s Expat Action Point applies if you have offshore investment policies (Generali Vision, Zurich Vista, Skandia Executive Investment Bond etc). If you have such plans, be sure to make use of the beneficiary nomination facility. This simple, yet frequently overlooked, form allows you to specify who you would like to receive the benefits of […]

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