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Financial Planning Action Point #4 – Have a “What if” plan.

It is safe to assume that all major corporations (including your own) have a plan in place (or are at least working on a plan) just in case the Euro breaks up. While they may protest to the contrary, we can also assume that most governments also have a plan for such a scenario. This […]

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Light at End of Tunnel for Dubai Real Estate Investors

Light at End of Tunnel for Dubai Real Estate Investors

If you are one of the many Brits who invested in Dubai real estate, only to subsequently find the value of your property massively under water, then this may come as good news. Land and property transactions in Dubai increased by 21% in the first half of this year compared to the first half of […]

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Warning against early relese pension offers

DeVere Warn Against Pension Busting

Ok, I generally don’t agree with these guys, however in this case they are bang on the money. Simply, to ignore HM Revenue & Custom’s warnings over pensions busting schemes is to do so “at your peril”. DeVere & Partners chief executive Nigel Green said people should be very wary of schemes offering to “unlock” […]

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Weekly Market Review – Third time unlucky

The UK economy has dipped again, prompting economists now to speculate about a ‘triple-dip’ recession. This would come next year, the arguments runs – potentially after a Greek exit from the euro – and would threaten the UK’s coveted AAA rating. Should investors be worried? The second quarter’s 0.7% decline in GDP was far higher […]

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