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Generali International – Thames River Hillside Apex Fund Update

If you hold the Thames River Hillside Apex Fund through your Generali International Vision/Choice plan then you should know that this fund was suspended 3 years ago, at the height of the financial crisis, and that a special sub fund was established to sell off the assets and effectively wind down the main fund. [If […]

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Expat Action Point #3 – Update Your Contact Details

I recently came across a client with a UK life insurance policy. However, he hadn’t updated the insurer with his current contact details. In the mean time they wrote to him, using the address that they had on file which was no longer valid, to inform him that his premium was no longer sufficent to […]

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A Primer on the Greek Crisis

If you aren’t already thoroughly fed up hearing about the Greek crisis and would actually like to know the reasons for all of their problems as well as possible solutions, these 4 videos are a great primer. Part 1: Greek Debt Recession and Austerity – A primer of why Greece is in a tough situation […]

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Weekly Market Review – Growth Agenda

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 25th of May 2012 The economic debate in Europe appears to have become increasingly polarised between ‘austerity’ and ‘growth’. Although International Monetary Fund (IMF) chairman Christine Lagarde has, among others, rightly suggested this is a false choice – another commentator has likened it to arguing about where to stand […]

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Help!! I’ve Got 3 Work Pension Schemes, 2 Personal Pensions And I Can’t Keep Track of Them All – A Case Study

Like many workers who change jobs as they climb the corporate ladder, Paul, 42 years old, has lost track of a range of personal and work pension schemes. In the past 15 years, he has worked for 5 different companies in 3 different countries. He has also moved house seven times. He lives with his […]

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Weekly Market Review – Emerging argument

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 18th of May 2012 An increasingly vocal minority of market commentators are suggesting the emerging markets – and China in particular – are not the saviours of the global economy and may, in fact, be heading for a period of significant weakness. If true, this is a worrying development. […]

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Are These the Next BRICs?

According to Katie Koch, managing director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management,  South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey are the four countries that are growing at a faster rate than any other in the emerging market space and are most likely to be the next BRICs. In her view: These are the four countries which have […]

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Help, I’ve Lost my Pension!!

According to recently published figures, a staggering GBP3 Billion is sitting unclaimed in occupational and personal pension funds. As well as being down to workers generallu moving company more frequently and as such losing track of their pension funds, this problem has been exacerbated by companies changing their name or ceasing trading. As expats this […]

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An Alternative to QROPS

Ripples have gone through the QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) industry in recent weeks, as Guernsey lost it’s QROPS status. Prior to this, Guernsey had been considered to be a premier centre for QROPS. Whilst existing QROPS based in Guernsey will not be impacted, immediately, it places a huge question mark over the long-term viability of […]

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