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Weekly Market Review – Disappointing Data

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 27th of April 2012 Markets would have hoped for more from the most recent round of economic indicators. The UK lurched back into recession, the US disappointed and Eurozone purchasing managers’ indices (PMI) data showed even the previously untouchable Germany struggling to show growth. Each country had individual problems. […]

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Bad News for Traded Life Policy Investments (TLPIs)

The UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) this morning announced that it is pushing ahead with plans to consult on banning the marketing of traded life settlement products to retail clients. The regulator published its final guidance on traded life policy investments (TLPIs) earlier today, following a previous guidance consultation in November. The guidance states: We […]

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Weekly Market Review – Preparing to Land?

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 13th of April 2012 Weaker-than-expected Chinese growth figures would normally prompt much hand-wringing on the part of economists – after all, it is China that is supposed to be keeping the world economy afloat while developed markets recover. Yet the recent poorer growth figures were greeted with a shrug. […]

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QROPS Provider in Liquidation

If you have a QROPS/SIPP with Isle of Man provider Prophecy Pension Trustees Limited, then you will either have just received or be just about to receive a letter advising you of their voluntary liquidation. While this has come as a surprise, it should be nothing to get overly concerned about as the liquidation only […]

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Expat Action Point #1 – Nominate Beneficiaries

This week’s Expat Action Point applies if you have offshore investment policies (Generali Vision, Zurich Vista, Skandia Executive Investment Bond etc). If you have such plans, be sure to make use of the beneficiary nomination facility. This simple, yet frequently overlooked, form allows you to specify who you would like to receive the benefits of […]

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QROPS Update – New HMRC Qualifying List Released

HMRC yesterday published an updated list of registered QROPS which incorporates tax changes surrounding QROPS which came into effect on 6 April. As expected, the new list confirmed the removal of the vast majority of Guernsey domiciled QROPS. Out of the 313 schemes that were listed previously, only 3 remain on the list now. Another […]

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Can I keep my UK life insurance policy as an expat?

Expat FAQs #1 – Can I Keep My UK Life Insurance Policy as an Expat?

The answer to this is that it depends on where you are moving to/living and who your insurance company is. Firstly, some countries are deemed safer than others which will influence your insurance provider, Secondly, differnet insurance companies have different rules. When I first became an expat 11 years ago, my UK insurance company were […]

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Plan Holders at Generali International Can Now Update Payment Details Online

If you hold a Vision plan, you can now use Generali International’s secure online Service Centre to manage your payments quickly and easily. Once you log on, simply click on the “OPTIONS” menu located on the top right of the screen and select “UPDATE PAYMENT DETAILS”. Please note that for any new payment details to […]

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Weekly Market Review – The Numbers of the Beast

Weekly Market Review for Week Ending 6th of April 2012 Is the Eurozone crisis rearing its ugly and unwelcome head once again? In reality, it was never likely the beast would lie dormant for long, but it does seem as though investors had rather forgotten about its ability to spook the markets. This time the […]

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