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Saving for Children

Junior ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) were introduced in the UK last year. The concept is great. They provide a tax efficient means of building a lump sum of capital for your child for when he/she reaches adulthood. The bad news is that even if you are a British citizen, if you are not UK resident, […]

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Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme - News for UK Expats

Boal & Co.Temporarily De-list Their Trinity QROPS

Isle of Man based Boal & Co. are to temporarily de-list their Trinity QROPS (Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme) as a result of changes in QROPS legislation which were finally published last week. The company said it has had to take this decision as the Isle of Man government has not yet put in place […]

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Weekly Market Review

Review of the Markets for Week Ending 23rd of March Investors might be forgiven for thinking nothing much happened last week except for the Budget – though, as it was, Chancellor George Osborne’s third effort was largely neutral for them. Arguably more interesting was a report from Goldman Sachs strategists Peter Oppenheimer and Matthieu Walterspiler, […]

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Expatriate Life Insurance (Term and Whole of Life)

7 Life Insurance Questions and Answers for Expats

When it comes to buying life insurance as an expatriate, there are many questions that can come up. Buying life insurance should be simple, but more often than not, there is something that comes up that can be more than a bit confusing. Here is a look at some of the common expat life insurance […]

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Good News if You are UK Domiciled and Your Spouse is Not

The inheritance tax exemption for transfers between spouses/civil partners is a cornerstone of the UK inheritance tax code. There is no limit on the value that can be transferred within the scope of the exemption. This only applies if both parties are UK domiciled however. If, like me, you are UK domiciled but your spouse […]

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Expat Life Insurance

3 Reasons Not to Rely on Your Employer for Life Insurance

Employer provided life insurance is great. It is cheap, it is easy to apply for (sometimes you don’t even have to apply, you are covered automatically) and even if you have pre-existing medical conditions you may still be covered. Sounds good so far, right? Good yes, but here are 3 reasons why your employer should […]

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Expat divorce

What are the Duxbury Rules?

They are a set of rules often used in divorce cases in the UK. They relate to the fact that if someone has been ordered by a court of law to provide ongoing income to their ex spouse, then they must also set up life assurance to maintain the same level of income in the […]

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Traded Life Policy Investment (TLPI)

EEA Life Settlements Fund Update (March 2012)

EEA Fund Management have written to shareholders of their suspended traded life policy (TLPI) fund in the past few days. In the letter, their chairman is outlining 3 “restructuring” options for investors once the FSA publishes their final judgement (expected in the next few weeks). The options are as follows: You can “continue to hold […]

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Financial Market Update for UK expats. Education. Retirement. QROPS. Zurich Vista

Dividend and Conquer – Weekly Market Review

Review of the Markets for Week Ending 16th of March Apple has announced it is to pay a dividend for the first time since 1995, which is good news for the tech giant’s shareholders and for the many dividend-focused fund managers that can now invest in the shares. Looking more broadly, however, to what extent […]

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New Funds at Generali International

Generali International have increased the range of investment options open to Vision and Choice plan holders with the addition of 4 new funds since the start of the year. The 4 new funds are: Pictet Premium Brands Class P (USD) Aberdeen Global Responsible World Equity Fund A2 (USD) Jupiter India Select Class L (USD, EUR […]

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