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UK Banks Charge Exorbitant Fees for Overseas Transactions

UK Banks Charge Exorbitant Fees for Overseas Transactions

Research by consumer watchdog “Which” has found that UK bank fees for overseas transactions are too high and too complicated, labelling them as “exorbitant”. Their researchers popped over to Calais at the end of last year to compare the amount charged by different banks for the same EUR5.95 debit card purchase and EUR20 ATM withdrawal. […]

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Warning against early relese pension offers

Pension Unlocking/Reciprocation Schemes

In an unprecedented move, the UK Financial Services Authority, HMRC and the Pensions Regulator released a joint statement a couple of days ago, warning consumers to steer clear of pension offers that claim to be able to provide loans or release tax-free cash from people’s pension pots before they reach age 55. You can read […]

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Traded Life Policy Investment (TLPI)

EEA Life Settlements Fund Update

An update for anyone who is currently locked into the EEA Life Settlements fund. According to their marketing director, Peter Winders, they plan to reopen the fund “as soon as possible”. They are just waiting for the outcome of a FSA consultation on the sale of these types of investment, which should be published in […]

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Consider this when looking into QROPS

Consider This When Looking Into QROPS

I know that QROPS schemes have their place and they certainly have real benefits for some. However, if your current pension is a with-profits scheme, here is something that you MUST ask before deciding to trade it in for a QROPS. Does your current scheme have a guaranteed annuity? A lot of with-profits schemes do […]

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Write a Will

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Write a Will

1. When you die, you would rather someone else decided what will happen to your property, possessions and assets. 2. You don’t particularly like your family and would like to make things that much more difficult for them in the event of your death. 3. You are concerned about the size of Britain’s deficit and […]

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Countries in which the UK state pension is increased annually

Countries in Which the UK State Pension is Increased Annually

If you retire in Britain, your state pension will increase in line with inflation. It may be the government’s massaged version of inflation as opposed to reality, but at least your pension will increase. If you are receiving a UK state pension while living overseas however, you may find that once you start drawing it, […]

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Find out if your funds are dogs or thoroughbreds

Is Your Fund a Dog?

Bestinvest has just launched it’s latest “spot the dog” report. This bi-annual survey names and shames the poorest performing funds across a range of investment sectors (income, international, emerging market etc). As you can imagine there are those in the fund management industry who are not particularly fond of this report. Some of the names […]

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The World's Most Expensive City

Zurich is Now the World’s Most Expensive City in Which to Live

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) bi-annual Worldwide Cost of Living Index, Zurich has overtaken Tokyo to become the most expensive city in the world in which to live. The result is based on survey of the prices of more than 160 goods and services including food, drink, clothing, household goods, personal care items, home rents, transport, […]

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State Pension Facts for British Expatriates

Obtaining a UK State Pension Forecast

The best way to establish the number of qualifying years that you already have as well as the level of state pension that you can currently expect, is to contact the state pension forecasting team in Newcastle. Their telephone number is +44 191 218 3600. If you contact them, they will then send you the […]

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