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Have you lost a pension?

Have You Lost a Pension?

If you have worked in the UK and were a member of a pension scheme (personal or employer) that you have since lost track of, the government’s pension tracking service might be able to help you find it. Just follow this link. Please feel free to forward this post to any friends or colleagues who […]

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expat financial advice

4 Reasons to Consolidate Your Pensions

Better reporting Consolidated asset allocation Simplicity Lower fees

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QROPS facts for expats

QROPS Facts – Number 1

If you are UK resident, even if you have a QROPS, you still have to purchase an annuity come pension time.

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Premium Bond Rate Cut

Premium Bond Rate Cut

In a move that will affect many expat savers, National Savings & Investments (NS&I) has announced that it is cutting the Premium Bond prize fund rate to 1.3% from next month to reflect lower interest rates across the savings market. This 0.2% reduction means that if you hold Premium Bonds, the odds of each £1 […]

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Gibraltar QROPS: Taxation of Benefits

Gibraltar QROPS: Taxation of Benefits

Benefits taken from a Gibraltar QROPS scheme are taxed at a flat 2.5% rate. This has made it a very favourable centre for QROPS structures. On the downside, Gibraltar has very few double taxation agreements (DTA) with other countries, meaning there is a risk that you will pay tax on the benefits twice (once in […]

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Financial future of retired miners

Financial Future of Thousands of Ex-Miners in Doubt

The financial future of thousands of retired miners and their families was thrown into the balance  a couple of days ago as Britain’s last coal company plunged into administration. As a result, more than 3,000 former miners will see their pension entitlements slashed by 10% under terms of a rescue deal from UK coal. The […]

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Sterling slumps to 3 year low

Sterling Slumps to Three Year Low

Sterling has tumbled further as a result of last week’s guidance on interest rates from the Bank of England. By mid afternoon yesterday, it was down by almost 1% on the day at USD1.4822. This is the lowest level it has been at against the US Dollar since June 2010. Only a week ago, it […]

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Top Three QROPS Jurisdictions

Top Three QROPS Jurisdictions

A recent poll conducted by Skandia International identified the Isle of Man as the preferred choice of QROPS jurisdictions. Gibraltar and Malta came in second and third place respectively. According to Skandia, 32% of advisers nominated the Isle of Man as the best destination for QROPS transfers. Gibraltar was nominated by 26% of advisers and […]

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expat investing in gold

Gold: What is the Smart Money Doing?

I have had expat clients investing in gold for the past 8 years. In that time, it has gone all the way from USD400 an ounce up to an all-time-high of  USD1,950 in mid 2011 and back down to USD1,230 today. A large part of this rally was fueled by the financial crisis, where a […]

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Strange Days

New Balls Please

It may not be quite as strange as seeing a Brit standing victorious on the final day of Wimbledon but it still feels odd to learn the UK economy may not be faring as badly as had been feared. Barclay’s Capital has just raised its estimates for the country’s 2013 GDP growth and there are […]

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